The e-health market is benefitting from unprecedented technological acceleration

Multiplication of solutions

New scientific and technological opportunities, a desire for greater efficiency in the healthcare system, a search for optimisation by all stakeholders

Regulatory Complexity

A regulatory labyrinth to crack: hierarchy of standards (EU-FR), medical ethics, protection of personal data, authorisation procedures, time-to-market

Adaptation of models

A growing relevance of e-health solutions but an adaptation of models – marketing, organisational, economic – e-health offers to disrupt

Your challenges

Create value for the customer, the healthcare system and your organisation
Exceed regulatory constraints and secure regulatory time-to-market
Provide quick market access to test simple and intuitive concepts
Promote adoption by patients, the insured and health professionals
Define a sustainable economic model

Our solution

Design, conception, innovation
Business model
Adoption of the solution
End-to-end regulatory & institutional support
Lean start-up solution development
Effective launch of activity and scalability

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